How to install an Agbot monitor

The operating environment is a key consideration. All Agbot devices should be deployed with a full and unobstructed view of the sky in all directions to maximise transmission success on every satellite pass.

Physical obstacles including trees, buildings, and poles will block signals and may degrade system performance, and antennas should be mounted externally with suitable clearance where the device is housed within, or near to, metal or concrete structures

The diagrams below are designed to show how the sky view of a device can be reduced by proximity to adjacent obstructions.

Example: Obscured sky view

Ideally, devices should have a full-sky view that includes visibility on the horizons at elevations above 10 degrees.

The diagrams below show examples of more desirable deployments for an Agbot device.

Deployment Example

Use of elevation for improved sky view

Deployment Example

Remote deployment for improved sky view