Aussie robot checks troughs, saving time and money


CLOCKING up thousands of kilometres a year checking troughs and water storages on farms could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new remote monitoring system launching to the Australian market this month.

Agbot was designed and manufactured in Brisbane and its creators believe keeping up with demand will be their next big challenge.

“It communicates via micro satellite and can monitor water tanks, troughs and other water assets anywhere on the planet,” said Artem Kulakov, Agbot’s chief technology officer.

The real-time monitoring device can also keep an eye on diesel and fertiliser tanks, freeing up farmers to focus on more important tasks, easing pressures created by ongoing workforce shortages.
The Agbot remote water monitoring system.

“The revolution that comes from the Agbot device isn’t just the data it will give the farmers but the price at which it does it, the reliability of the connection and the ease of installation,” said Bruce McConnel from TSBE Food Leaders Australia.

“The business model of a water monitoring device sitting over your water storage – not only does it have great economic impacts but it actually has fantastic animal welfare benefits, ensuring your animals are well watered and therefore safe in their environment at all times,” Mr McConnel said.

The Agbot is an example of the types of technology which will be on show at TSBE’s 400M Agrifood Innovation Forum in Toowoomba later this month.

“That really is the theme for this year’s 400m – digital connectivity and creation of interconnected supply chains to ensure that our food gets to market as safely and as quickly as possible,” Mr McConnel said.

Artem Kulakov said he was looking forward to demonstrating Agbot at the forum and said it’s an exciting time to be “playing” in the Agtech space.

“We see a lot of energy, a lot of momentum in terms of digital transformation of agriculture,” Mr Kulakov said.

“It’s very exciting to make a difference in the Australian agricultural sector.”


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