The innovation success story measuring farm tanks and troughs in real-time

Automation in agriculture is skyrocketing across the Downs, as companies develop world-class technology which is transforming the industry.

‘Agbot’ is a new product about to hit the market which will monitor near real-time liquid levels with cow troughs, water tanks, irrigation dams and trenches, diesel tanks and fertiliser tanks.  

Their solution is designed and manufactured in Australia and is one of the most versatile and low-cost technology in the market, which will allow producers to maximise their on-farm operations in a world of industry labour shortages.

Managing Director of Gasbot, which owns Agbot, Philip Livingston said the cutting-edge technology is unlocking the power of remote monitoring at a price point never seen before.

“The Agbot harnesses Gasbot’s GPS enabled, NFC activated ‘Nebula’ communications module, supplied with a cable management integrated base and cockatoo protection ‘snap on’ cover.”

“Customers own their own data and have multiple analytics package integration choices for greater levels of analytics to meet their on-farm requirements,” said Mr Livingston.

Gasbot is currently running trials in Australia, the EU and Latin America, with the product expected to be launched in June 2022.

Bruce McConnel, TSBE Food Leaders Australia (FLA) General Manager said Agbot is a great example of some of the innovative solutions coming from our region.

“Particularly in the feedlot and beef sectors, it’s going to lower labour requirements and give us more certainty that cattle have the right amount of food and water when they need it.”

“We’re excited to showcase Agbot, and a number of other cutting-edge technologies at our Protein 2022 Conference in Dalby on 16 – 17 March,” said Mr McConnel.

Protein 2022 is a must-attend event for all protein industry participants, and this year is themed around ‘ideas to action.’

Mr Livingston said he’s looking forward to presenting at the Conference.

“The Agbot product line is already receiving strong industry demand within Queensland with pilot requests and strong early access pre-sales.”

“We are excited to be meeting with the community, as we’re on the lookout for additional partner sites and feedback for further product and service improvements,” he said.


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